In April 2021, ABHI started in Pakistan, by Pakistanis, for Pakistanis.

ABHI is Pakistan’s FIRST financial wellness platform. Founded with the sole purpose of financially empowering each and every Pakistani, it strives to create financial wellness products to make YOUR life easier. 

Did you know that 50% of the employed population in Pakistan earns less than Rs. 75,000? 

Pakistan has a population of about 200 million, according to a survey conducted by the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics in August-October FY2021, the employed population was estimated to be 52.56 million. So around 25% of the population in Pakistan is employed and earning wages, with 50% of them falling under the low-middle income bracket, with an average salary of less than/equal to 76,900 PKR/month. 

They live paycheck to paycheck and are unable to save for emergencies that often arrive without warning, like medical emergencies, home expenses, an unexpected trip, etc. which they are unable to manage with their monthly salaries. And how can they? Times are tough, and the global recession is impacting everyone, making it very difficult to manage expenses with sky-high fuel prices and inflation. 

In a report on the Earned Wage Access Market in Pakistan by EY, an overwhelming 85% of employees showed an interest in using the Earned Wage Access service because they feel secure in the knowledge that they have a safety net to fall back on in case of emergencies. 

This safety net is their own earned salary rather than loans from friends/family or financial institutions, which puts them in difficult situations till they are settled. It also saves them from paying back credit card bills with high-interest rates and falling into debt traps.

81% of employers also believe that employees’ morale and well-being are affected when they can’t access funds in an emergency.

This in turn affects their performance at work, and the build-up of stress and frustration spills over in interactions with clients and colleagues as well. The solution is to financially empower salaried individuals and put the power back in their hands. 

Our purpose is to bring financial wellness to everyone and this rise in inflation is a huge driving factor for us, now more than ever. The people of Pakistan need reassurance and financial security in times of uncertainty, and that is where ABHI comes in. Your salary is your right and you should have access to it, which is why

ABHI is changing the landscape of the payroll in Pakistan and how an average employee spends/receives their salary. 

Salaried individuals working every day of the month but getting paid only once a month is a universally accepted way of life… but isn’t that unfair? We think so too! This is why ABHI works round the clock to create innovative financial products, for your comfort and ease, especially during this economic slump. 

Being the pioneers of the earned wage access facility in Pakistan, ABHI has made it possible for salaried individuals to now take out their earned wages whenever and wherever they want.

Through our flagship service of earned wage access, people are able to live a stress-free life by having access to their rightly earned salary. ABHI financially empowers salaried employees so they are able to make smarter financial decisions. 

Employees are able to access their earned but unpaid salaries before payday via the ABHI app, SMS, or WhatsApp. They can access this money anytime, anywhere – enabling them to live a more productive and healthy life, without any financial stress.


In just a year, ABHI has successfully empowered 200+ companies financially. 

The thousands of employees working at these companies will now be able to access their earned salaries every day, providing some much-needed comfort and security in these uncertain times. 

Won the ‘Best Digital Starup’ award at the Pakistan Digital Awards 2022, for the Earned Wage Access product. Innovative financial products like these are created with your needs in mind. 

50% of young adults believe financial wellness means not having to live paycheck to paycheck. ABHI’s goal as the first financial wellness platform in Pakistan is to provide the best financial services to everyone, ultimately creating a financially well Pakistan. 

Apart from the Earned Wage Access facility, ABHI also offers Payroll Solutions for businesses. 

We understand that late salaries are one of the biggest causes of stress in employees. To avoid this inconvenience and solve this problem, we have the facility of Payroll Processing for businesses. It is a business portal through which employers can run their payroll on demand to any bank account or wallet in the country and have a dedicated platform to manage their employees’ salaries without hassle. It makes disbursing salaries a lot easier for companies that don’t have proper payroll software or whose employees have bank accounts in different banks. 

Furthermore, for businesses facing cash flow constraints, ABHI also offers the facility of Payroll Financing to bridge the gap between inflows and outflows, enabling them to pay their employees’ salaries on time and have greater control over their finances. 

Businesses can also benefit from another financial service offered at ABHI, which is Invoice Factoring. 

Through this service, businesses can borrow against their future cash flows, allowing them to optimize their operations, reduce their overall cost, and have better control over their cash flows. One of the fastest and easiest ways of removing the blockage in your cash flow without any added burden, this not only allows your business to keep growing but also keeps your company’s reputation and functionality intact. Customers also have access to the ABHI vendor portal, which they can use to make direct payments to their vendors utilizing the approved credit, so all transactions are transparent.

Any business that supplies goods or services to large blue-chip companies can use this service. The eligibility and the amount to be factored, are decided by the company’s audited financial reports. 

ABHI has also been nominated for Most Innovative New Payroll Solutions and Most Innovative Invoice Factoring Service at the 8th Global Business Awards.

ABHI is here for you. ABHI is here for Pakistan. 

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