ABHI and Qist Bazaar to provide Buy Now Pay Later using Earned Salaries through the app

Qist Bazaar, a Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) marketplace in Pakistan has partnered up with ABHI, to provide all the ABHI users the power to access Buy Now Pay Later facility with their earned salaries via the ABHI mobile app.

Through this partnership, all the employees of the companies that have ABHI in their organizations can purchase a variety of electronics at affordable monthly installments via the ABHI app using Qist Bazaar. This happens in a few simple steps which include logging into the ABHI app and choosing Qist Bazaar to buy any item from the platform while paying for the downpayment through ABHI. This collaboration will help Qist Bazaar revolutionize installment-based purchases and will enable them to tap into the rapidly growing BNPL market with much ease.

ABHI, having launched in April 2021, is Pakistan’s first financial freedom platform, aiming to change the way employees receive and spend their salary by allowing them to access their earned wages in real-time. To date, the company has financially empowered hundreds of companies and continues to expand its operations rapidly.

On this collaboration, Omair Ansari – CEO & Co-founder of ABHI mentioned that “We believe financial wellness and access to credit are basic human rights, which we aim to bring to all our customers. Our goal is to address pain points in the lives of employees and be there when they need us the most. The strategic partnership of Qist Bazaar and ABHI will prove to be a success, especially considering the high inflation rate that makes it hard for an average salaried individual to afford expensive electronics. Employees of the companies that have ABHI onboarded can buy products from Qist Bazaar using their earned salaries directly from the ABHI app”

Arif Lakhani – Co-founder of Qist Bazaar added “We believe in democratizing access to credit so that the common Pakistani can purchase household necessities with ease. The fledgling fintech industry in our country is working hard to promote financial wellness in all sectors. Qist Bazaar’s partnership with ABHI will allow salaried people to benefit from two platforms simultaneously and let them defer their payments, not their needs.”