Payroll Financing

For businesses that are facing cash flow constraints, ABHI offers the facility of Payroll Financing to bridge the gap between inflows and outflows, enabling them to pay their employees’ salary on time and have greater control over their finances.

How It Works

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  • For payroll financing, the company will be providing ABHI with information regarding their bank statements, their financial audit reports along with information regarding the number of employees in the company, their salaries etc. For example a company called ABC has 100 employees and each of them earn Rs. 100,000, that makes the company’s payroll Rs. 10 million per month or Rs. 1 crore.
  • Based on the financial information provided, ABHI’s risk and compliance departments will determine the financial stability and credibility of the company.
  • After the company is successfully onboarded, they will provide ABHI with a set date on which they want the salaries to be disbursed.
  • ABHI will then finance the entire payroll for the company on the given date. This means ABHI will be transferring Rs. 100,000 in 100 individual accounts with a service fee (to be decided) charged on the total payroll amount. The company ABC will pay ABHI the Rs. 10 million for the payroll, along with the service charge for financing their payroll for a month.
  • A report is sent to the company regarding successful transactions.

Use Cases

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Here To Help

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What is payroll financing?
Payroll financing is for businesses that are facing cash flow constraints. ABHI offers payroll financing services to bridge the gap between inflows and outflows allowing employees to be paid on time and businesses to have far greater control over their finances.
How does ABHI run the payroll?
Firstly, your company will upload the data, such as employee details, salary, and account details onto our ABHI portal. Then click on to the payroll tab on the portal and generate a new payroll. Lastly, just select the employees you want to run the payroll for. This allows transparency for both parties and the company also stays in control.
What if I want to run payroll of employees that are not added to the system?
You will first have to add the employees onto the ABHI portal. Once they are added to the system, you can run the payroll effectively.
What if my company disburses incorrect salary to an employee?
Don’t worry, you can just contact your employee and recover the amount from them or deduct it from their next month’s salary.

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